Provincial MIS & Rollout Officer

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Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Information Technology
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per NTA base
Vacancy Number: MMD-HR-77
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Kabul
Organization: State Ministry for Martyrs & Disabled Affairs
Years of Experience: 4 Years
Contract Duration: 6 months
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor ( Masters will be preferred)
Close date: 15 Jun, 2020

About State Ministry for Martyrs & Disabled Affairs:

After the coup on 27 April 1978, some government officials including military officials, civil servants, and low-ranked employees who were martyred and killed in conflicts were provided with their rights without considering their ranks and grades during their tenures through the general directorate of pension. 

As war continued to perpetuate, the process of providing services to the martyred continued, thus in 1990 the authority was separated from the general directorate of pension and started operating as an independent directorate for martyrs and disabled under the office of vice-president. Later, in April 1992 in an effort to pay homage to the holy Jihad of the brave Afghan people the authority was promoted to the status of a ministry that started functioning with the registration of martyrs and disabled addressing needs of martyrs and PwDs across the country. During the Taliban era in 1996, the directorate was merged into the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees where it continued to function as a deputy minister. In 2002, during the transition period, the directorate was once again promoted to the status of a ministry called “Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled”. In 2006, the ministry was merged into the ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and was collectively called Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs, and Disabled “MoLSAMD”. Under the ministry, affairs related to martyrs and people with disabilities were managed through a deputy ministry.  

On 07 October 2019, the deputy minister was separated from MoLSAMD and became National Support Authority for Martyrs and People with Disabilities through a presidential decree issued with serial number 75. The authority started functioning in the light of the enacted national laws aimed at serving people who have given up on their lives or have lost family members.

Subsequently, the authority was promoted to State ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs through a presidential decree issued with serial number 132 on 19 January 2019 and is currently functional.

Job Description:

1- Maintain up-to-date MMD databases to be used as a source of project information and source of verification for M&E Maintenance of the HRMIS, M&D, and other.
2-  Assure the accuracy of the database through proper systematic data tracking both quantitative and qualitative and to avoid the duplication and repeat entry of the data.
3-  Prepare and consolidate the program progress analytical report in a concise and organized manner and share with related units which will help the units for proper planning.
4- The main role of the MIS and roll out officer are the Configure system, Train provincial. Employees in all provinces.
5- Develop and prepare data collection forms for compiling the database as required.
6- Regular back-up of the databases
Assist MIS Unit during planning and reporting as requires from the center and provinces.
7- Maintain good working relations with the rest of the project team.
Assure adequate coordination with all MMD stakeholders at the provincial and central levels and attend meetings to represent the organization.
8- Provide regular feedbacks to MIS for improving the data quality
Technically support project units to develop methods and approaches for smooth implementation of the project.
9- Compiling Monthly, Quarterly and Annually Report of ESRDP Project.
10- Maintain data integrity databases of MMD.
11- Maintenance of the MMD and other databases.
Accurate and timely, regular entry of all consumption reports of all provincial and central data.
12- Timely appraisal of any data entry problems (e.g. missing data/forms) and liaison with the M&D MIS Unit;
Regular back-up of the databases
13- Maintain good working relations with the rest of the project team.
14- Retrieve data from the database or electronic files as requested.
15- Extract and tabulate data as per the needs of the management team.
16. Any other task assigned by the line MIS Unit.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degrees in computer science is required.
• Minimum of 4 Years relevent Experience for  bachelor and master degree is 2 years.

• Working knowledge of English, Dari and Pashto
• Sound decision making and organizational skills
• Proficiency in SQL server, Postgres in also in programming (ASP.Net, C sharp) is highly required.


Submission Guideline:

Interested & qualified candidates should submit their applications along with curriculum vitae (CV) to (, indicating vacancy and position title in the subject line of your application within the submission deadline. Otherwise your Application will be not considered for further steps. No other document is needed to be submitted unless invited for an interview. Applications received after closing date will not be considered.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply


Submission Email: