Deputy Minister Support and Services Provider

Biography of Jamila Nooristani Deputy Minister Support and Services Provider

Jamila Nooristani

Jamila Nooristani was born in April 1977 in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Her hometown is Nesh village, Mandol district of Nooristan Province. She was raised in deprived society, and now considered as one of active women of the society and also considered as a skillful, motivational and experienced Lady in different fields & factors. All these qualities of a social and educational lady was not that she was born genius neither it was an accidental incident, but it is the result of endless efforts and attempts of years.

Ms. Nooristani is a Master’s Degree holder in IR (International Relations) and has a bachelor degree in (law and political sciences), she completed her elementary school in Surya High school, Kabul city.

Ms. Nooristani has served her people & fought for their rights by working in various fields of Human rights Organizations:

  • She worked as General Director of Kindergarten Directorate of Ministry of Work, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled for 5 years.
  • As a Master trainer of Human rights (UNDP Project), Ministry of Justice
  • As In charge of Childs Right Unit of AIHRC Eastern Zone
  • As Master Trainer for Human Rights at AIHRC
  • As in Charge of Education & Training Department of SVA (Shanti Volunteer Association)
  • In addition, during the migration period in Pakistan, Ms. Nooristani worked as trainer, senior trainer and in last as Supervisor of GTZ in GTZ organization for immigrants in Pakistan. Also, she has attended many National and International Conferences and training seminars in fields of Modern Management, Senior Management and leadership, Disables Rights Support, Child Right Support and many other fields in Italy, India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, swiss, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey.

Ms. Nooristani, as she was well known for her Excellent Management, talent, ability and dedication to her work, President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan appointed her as Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs of State Ministry for Martyr & Disabled Affairs.