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Biography of Spokesperson Mr. Ziaulhaq fazli Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, May 2019, Kabul, Afghanistan

Mr. Ziaulhaq fazli son of Mawlawi Mohammad Shah Fazli was born in a religious and wise family in Peshawar Pakistan. He studied the primary school at Ali Ahmad Khan Government High School in Kabul. 2014 He launched to study his bachelor of Law and Islamic Jurisprudence, 2015-2019, Salam University, Kabul. he succeeds to get his Master's degree in field of International relations, August 2019, Kardan University Kabul, He worked as Senior Operation and Administration Assistant, office of the chief of staff, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, May 2018 – December 2018 Curriculum Specialist, Deputy Ministry for Islamic Education, Ministry of Education, 2014 – 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan Vice-president, Loya Paktia Youth Jirga, 2015 – 2020 Member of Volunteers’ Department (Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs), Mr. Fazli Served as Spokesperson Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, May 2019- 2014, He is capable to use profoundly the national languages ​​(Dari, Pashto) and English.

Zia Ul haq Fazli

Job: Spokesperson Ministry for Martyrs & Disabled Affairs

 Phone: 0786098838


mmd Zia Ul Haq Fazli

  Ruhullah  Faruhmand

Job: Director of Information & Public Relations

                                                 Phone: 0748343445


mmdRohullah Farahmand