Asan khedmat project

Asan Khedmat is a one-stop shop for public services based on the ASAN Services concept of Azerbaijan. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of Afghanistan and the Government of Azerbaijan, provides that the ASAN Services will provide technical support in all aspects of this initiative. This includes access to software solutions, sharing of strategic and legal documents, support regarding the organizational structure, as well as sharing training curricula and methodology. It is also agreed that Azerbaijan will provide access to their training facilities, during the development period in Afghanistan.



The vision of “Asan Khedmat” is to create an easy access for citizens and businesses to efficient and transparent public services and establish trust to government. “Asan Khedmat” aspires to:

  • Become a one-stop shop for as many government services as possible;
  • Simplify lengthy, time consuming, complicated and bureaucratic processes;
  • Ensure transparency and accountability with the help of capable and trained human resources;
  • Enhance service delivery to the private sector and thus improve business environment;
  • Become an e-Government platform providing e-services to citizen and businesses.


People visiting “Asan Khedmat” will be able to receive their passports, IDs, marriage and birth certificates, work permits, visa extensions and other services right in one building, and pay all government dues and fees at the same place. Service level to visitors will be measured and evaluated constantly in order to keep up with the standards of the high-quality customer service. A Call Centre will be established to provide the population with real-time information about the services provided in the Asan Khedmat service centers or online in the Asan Khedmat website. Ensuring high “customer satisfaction” will strengthen the trust of people in government and eliminate the red-tape for businesses. Simplified procedures will also help to increase the confidence of investors and businesses in the government institutions, curb corruption and improve government’s ability to collect revenue and taxes.


The Asan Khedmat customer service is built around the service centers with an architecture emphasizing brightness, transparency, and efficiency, where public and private services for citizens and businesses are delivered under one roof. Services are rendered by the employees of the respective government agencies who pass a rigorous training program and adopt an “Asan Khedmat” service standards. In addition to physically visiting service centers in Kabul and the regions, people and businesses will be able to receive information on the services via the call center, website and social media, as well as order personalized mobile service delivery of some services to their workplace, offices or residence.