COMAC Project

Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians (COMAC)



COMAC provides comprehensive victims’ assistance services to Afghan civilians and dependents who have suffered physical injury, loss of a household member, or had their household economic livelihood negatively affected as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan.

The program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Blumont in collaboration with the Afghan Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs (MMD).

Victim’s Assistance Services

COMAC provides immediate assistance (food and non-food items), and longer-term tailored assistance (medical treatment, physical rehabilitation, referrals, psychosocial support, and income generation services) to civilian victims.


From its start in March 2018 till April 2021, COMAC has distributed 26,327 immediate assistance packages and 7,351 tailored assistance packages to 17,761 families benefiting more than 131,000 civilians in 34 provinces of Afghanistan.


Capacity Building

COMAC works with the Afghan government and local authorities to strengthen capacity to meet the needs of victims and their families. Collaboration with ministries including the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs (MMD); Ministry of Public Health (MoPH); and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA). Because of the Ministry’s important role, COMAC conducted an organizational capacity assessment of MMD, which was used to identify opportunities to improve management and service delivery.

Activities include workshops, networking forums, and e-learning modules supported by on the job technical assistance, guidance, mentoring, and coaching. Since the initiative began, COMAC has conducted more than 122 trainings to more than 3,000 national, provincial, and local governance staff in 34 provinces.

Communication and Outreach

COMAC leverages a wide range of outreach tools such as media products and campaigns, community engagement activities, mass media, social media and print materials to raise awareness regarding victim’s assistance services.   

Support to Women

Women are affected by conflict both directly and indirectly, as the death or injury of a male relative can leave families without an income. COMAC’s qualified female staff provide critical support to help women immediately after incidents and as they look to rebuild toward the future. Afghan women suffering from conflict are encouraged to seek assistance through COMAC’s female team members.



All COMAC activities are implemented in coordination with national, provincial, and district government partners, community leaders and institutions, civil society organizations, and NGOs.

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COMAC assistance is provided free of cost to victims. If, at any point during the assistance application or distribution process you are asked to make a payment or donation in exchange for COMAC assistance, please report the activity to Your report will remain completely anonymous.



Are you a civilian who has suffered as a result of conflict, military operations, terrorist attacks, aerial bombings, explosive devices, landmines and other conflict-related violence?

Call us to provide immediate and long-term assistance to you on time.


  • Central region (Kabul): 0729068549
  • South region (Kandahar): 0729068596
  • East region (Nangarhar): 0729068617
  • West region (Herat): 0729069119
  • North region (Balkh): 0729069118