Minister's Biography

Mr. Laluddin Aryubi

Biography of H.E. Laluddin Aryubi, State Minister for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs

Mr. Laluddin Aryubi, son of late Nooruddin Aryubi, was born on December 8th, 1958 in an intellectual family of Aryub Zazai district of Paktya province.

Aryubi completed his primary education in Altaqwa Scientific and Experimental High School, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In 2003, Aryubi made his way to Kabul University and earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics majoring in Finance and Banking in 2006.  Since 2002, Aryubi has worked with various government and non-government agencies in different capacities in addition to serving as honorary lecturer in faculty of Economy of Sheikh Zayed University.  

In 2014, Aryubi led the Work Permit Program for Expatriates in the ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. Later in 2015, he was appointed as the deputy minister for finance and administration through a presidential decree. In 2018, when the Deputy Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs under the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, was promoted to National Support Authority for Persons with Disabilities, Aryubi was appointed as the head of the freshly established authority. In the same year when the National Authority was promoted to the status of State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, Aryubi was endowed with the leading of the state ministry and is currently serving in the same capacity.

Thanks to his remarkable services rendered and roles played, Aryubi has been awarded various appreciation certificates and medals among which is the State Medal of Mir Masjidi Khan which was conferred on Aryubi by the President.