Financial & administrative deputy minister's biography



Mr. Del Aqa sofizada son of Muhammad Aman was born in 1973 in Dukhail village of Rakha District of Panjsher Province.

Mr. Del Aqa started his Elementary Education in Abu Raihan Al Beroni School of old Kabul city and completed his high school degree in year of 1990 from Asheqan o Aarefan High school.

In 1996 after he passed Kankor exam and successfully got selected for Faculty of Law and Political sciences of Kabul University he started his studies in Kabul university; He completed his graduation from there in year 2006.

After that Mr. Sofizada went to India to get his Master Degree; He started his studies in Indira Gandhi University of India in year 2012 in Faculty of General Management, and completed his Master degree in year 2015.

Mr. Sofizada started his first job as Administrative and Financial Assistant with ICRC (International committee of Red Cross) in year 2001; and worked there for one year. After that he started working as Director of office with URF Organization which belonged to Germany’s KFW office; in December 2002. In March 2004 he started working with an American company named RM Asia as Administrative and Financial Director of the company and worked there for almost 10 years. After that in March 2017 Mr. Sofizada started working with GIZ office of Germany as Program Advisor and worked there till February 2019. 

With the establishment of State Ministry for Martyrs and Disables Affairs; as per the Decree of President Ashraf Ghani, Mr. Sofizada has been appointed as Deputy Minister for Administrative and Financial Affairs in this Ministry; he still continues to work there.